Kimi Horan, born on Febuary 16. She lives in Ireland with her husband, Niall Horan. She has two children, Nanda and Nandos.


Kimi works as a Nandos Waitress and a singer.


  • Kimi is Mavis's bestfriend.
  • She is known to represent Ireland. Also, she's the most beautiful girl in all of Ireland.
  • She knows Irish and English.
  • She has two dogs, Cisco and Shelia.
  • She has an odd obsession with food.
  • She is scared of the Grudge.
  • There are rumors she cheated on Niall with Dan Howell. But she didn't.
  • Her favorite food is Nandos.
  • Her favorite color is pink and red.
  • Her favorite movie? Well, I don't even know.
  • She is a 5 star chef.

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