Mavis Nguyen is a beautiful asian girl. She was born in California. She lives in South Korea, Seoul. She is 23, born on January 1st. 


Anthony Padilla- Dated in California for about a year.

Louis Tomlinson- She toured in London, and ran into One Direction (?)

Choi SeungHyun (TOP)- Dated for 6 years, and broke up. 


  • Her favorite movie is Wreck-it Ralph.
  • Her favorite videogame is GTA V and Animal Crossing.
  • Her favorite youtuber is Smosh.
  • She has a brother and a sister.
  • She is scared of windows.
  • She works in Girl's Generation.
  • Her best friend is Kimi Horan .
  • Her favorite food is Chinese food.
  • She knows French, Japanese, English and Korean.
  • She has a cat named Stinky.
  • She has only 9 toes.
  • Her favorite color is pink, light yellow, and baby blue.
  • She likes Russian, French, and Italian people.
  • She is currently single.

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